Smart Card Reader DNFC-1701

Dutch NFC Consult introduces the USB Smart Cart Reader.

DNFC-1701S is a USB interface card reader running on Windows including contactless card interface and SAM card interface (option). The reader complies with PC/SC standard, ISO14443 standard applicable to type A and type B contactless cards and ISO14443-3 standard applicable to NXP MIFARE® series contactless cards. It also complies with ISO7816 standard on SAM card. The reader makes use of the latest CLRC663 contactless reader.

Application areas include:

  • e-Government
  • Banking & Payment
  • e-Healthcare
  • Network Security
  • Access Control
  • e-Purse & Loyalty
  • Transportation
  • School attendance


A Software Development Kit (SDK) can be purchased along with this reader. That will help you build-up your application in a short time frame with less effort.

An example of software, built with this SDK, as follows:

Product leaflet can be downloaded here.

Interested? Contact us via info@dutchnfcconsult.nl